Non-Serious-RP-Forum Quest RULES
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 Non-Serious-RP-Forum Quest RULES

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PostSubject: Non-Serious-RP-Forum Quest RULES   Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:29 pm


The year is 199X, the Earth has been invaded by evil the evil Gorgo and his right hand man Kristen Stewart, seeking to harvest our elephant dung. They will stop at no costs to destroy our world. This is a 100% non-serious RP, so feel free to make the most retarded character you have ever seen.

The rules are as follows.
When fighting another PC, don't say "I DODGED IT"
No God mode-ing
Be a little funny, please.
When talking OOC, put two brackets before you talk ((Like this))
Eat a bag of dicks.

That's all! Have fun.

its pronounced sa-kè (säkĕ)
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Non-Serious-RP-Forum Quest RULES
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